Mount Mikeno

Mount Mikeno

Mount Mikeno Hight Elevetion : 4437 metres, (14,557 ft)
Congo – Rwanda : 1.5°S / 29.45°E
Current Status : Dormant
Starting Point : Virunga national Park

Mount Mikeno is a dormant and extinct volcano located in the eastern Democratic republic of Congo within the Virunga mountains national park. Mikeno is the second highest volcano among the 8 volcanoes in the Virunga region at an altitude of 4,437 meters above the sea level with a spectacular lava lake on top of the summit offering magnificent sceneries of the great western arm of the great east African rift valley.

Hiking Mount Mikeno

Hiking Mikeno can take 5 -6 hours, with amazing views of coffee plantations, waterfalls and village walks with a ranger. Hiking gears can be obtained from Mikeno lodge. Most visitors come for gorillas and chimpanzees which are the main attractions but find the hike rewarding as well

Accessing Mount Mikeno

Getting to Mikeno volcano is only one hour drive from Goma town north of Lake Kivu, there are large bungalows and Mikeno lodge within the forest with comfort and breathtaking views of the forest hence there’s not much to do than relaxing and enjoying sceneries.

The slopes of the volcano are forested with a variety of wildlife such as chimpanzees; other primates include blue and colobus monkeys, baboons and birds. Besides hiking, visits to the forests and local places can be arranged.
From Kigali it can take 2 hours to cross the border at Goma/Gisenyi and transfer to Mikeno lodge.