Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park was gazetted way back in the 1920’s. It was put up around Dian Fossey’s time- an American Scientist who was working so hard for the survival a, conservation and protection of wildlife especially the mountain gorillas. It is therefore neighboured by other volcanoes like Karismbi, Bisoke, and Mikeno.

Volcanoes National Park is the largest park in Rwanda and it’s found in Musanze region, one of Rwanda’s largest and busiest cities. Volcanoes National Park is the Virunga area of Rwanda that harbors nearly half of the world’s mountain gorilla numbers. It is situated in the northern area of the Musanze province, sharing a border with Uganda and the Democratic Republic Of Congo.

It is no surprise that Volcanoes national Park is the one of the most frequently visited centers in Rwanda by the tourists since it has got quite a number of tourist attractions and activities such as mountain gorilla trekking, forest nature walks, hiking and mountain climbing, and primates watch among others.

But still there are several other activities that can be enjoyed on a visit in Rwanda and these range from bird watching, game drives, community and forest nature walks, canopy walks, wildlife safaris, cycling, fishing, as well as city tours etc.

Dian Fossey Hike

At Volcanoes National Park, you also find the grave yard of Dian Fossey- the famous American Scientist who devoted all her life to the conservation and preservation of mountain gorillas. She was the researcher who initiated the Karisoke Research Center to protect the endangered mountain gorillas. During her time at the Karisoke reseach center, Dian Fossey wrote a book in 1983 book, “Gorillas in the Mist”, which led to the continued struggles by the government and other organizations in the conservation and preservation of mountain gorillas. Visitors can hike up the Dian Fossey tomb from Kinigi head offices in Volcanoes national park and embark on a one and a half hour hike through the steep slopes of volcanoes while enjoying sights of birds, orchards, gorillas and even other wildlife like golden monkeys among others.

Lake Ngezi on Mount Bisoke Hike.
It is a small crater lake at the base of Mount Bisoke in the Volcanoes National Park. It can be easily reached after hiking for nearly a day over the steep slopes together with your tour guide. While n this hike , you enjoy beautiful views of birds, monkeys and eventual settling at the home for birding surrounded by so many birding sights.

The Karisimbi volcano hike.
It is the highest volcanoe in the volcanoes national park yet the 5th highest in the rest of Africa. This, Karaisimbi was named from “ amasimbi ( the white shell) which is the white capped summit at the top of karisimbi mountain.
The hike / climb on karisimbi volcanoe, is quite hectic yet very rewarding (but at times it can be muddy due to the rains at high altitude), it normally lasts for about 7hours to reach its top. This is one of the most interesting hikes as it rewards you with clear views of birding, primates watching, and the scenic view of the mountainous vegetation, among others.

Lakes Burera and Ruhondo.
These are beautiful lakes found at Muhabura mount. It offers a beautiful scenic view s over the steep hills and large waterfalls. They have deep blue waters. They are bordered by Mount Sabyinyo and provide good birding sights and boat cruises which are all breath taking.

Golden Monkey Trekking.
Apart from mountain gorilla trekking adventure, there are quite many other wildlife / primates that can be enjoyed while in the volcanoes National Park. Through the woods, one can capture wonderful sights of golden monkeys, birds, elephants etc among others which is all so rewarding for nature lovers.

Mountain Gorilla Trekking
Volcanoes National Park is the only place where one can enjoy the gorilla trekking adventure and it’s therefore the major tourist attraction activity in this national park. It is a home to 10 gorilla families often times called gorilla clans, tribes or groups

Gorilla Groups in Volcanoes national park

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