Best time to go for gorilla trekking

What is the best time to track gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda?

There are a lot of factors that have an impact on the mountain gorilla trekking process and these may include among others;

Climate Changes;

This has a large influence on the number of visitors who turn up for the activity in the given time period and also on the actual tracking process itself.
It is true mountain gorillas can be tracked at any time of the year though the most preferable times are those of the dry seasons in both Uganda and Rwanda.
In Rwanda these can be enjoyed around June to September and December up to February.

And Uganda around December to March, and May to July. Much as they are dry months, still some few drops are expected within the forest every now and then. The wet seasons tend to stiffen up the gorilla trekking activity as it tends to be difficult moving through the muddy and slippery canopy as well as moving over the slippery hills slopes.

The weather changes back in the trekkers’ countries too impact on seasonality of the trekking adventure. This the case like the summer times of Europe, see many off for the adventure and see less of them ( trekkers) in the winter seasons.

Another interesting factor, is the discount rates, when there great discounts offered on the gorilla trekking permits, many visitors will be attracted during this time even when it’s a rainy season. This is evidenced from the discounts that were made by The Uganda wildlife Authority in Uganda (Between April and May 2014) when non Ugandans were getting these at $350 and even the accommodation facilities too were discounted and attracted such large numbers of visitors.

However, there are some rare cases where the wet seasons can be taken as an advantage for the mountain gorilla trekkers. Considering an example of Rwanda, in her wet seasons of late February, March, April and May, she receives a greater number of tourists. This is the case because during the rainy seasons, there tends to be abundant food for the mountain gorillas at the lower slopes and in addition to this, the temperatures at the lower slopes tend to be warmer than those of the higher slopes hence keeping the gorillas within a nearby range at the lower slopes and therefore very easy to track as less hours are spent on the tracking trail for these creatures unlike the situation for dry seasons where longer periods of time are taken before finding the creatures.

With this, it’s still very clear that mountain gorilla tracking is an activity that can be enjoyed all year round, it’s always a personal taste and preference as to when to trek the wonderful gorillas that counts.

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