Gorilla Groups in Rwanda

Some call them Gorilla Groups, Gorilla families, Gorilla Clans, Gorilla Tribes referring to the sets of gorilla groups in Volcanoes national park Rwanda. The park comprises of 10 habituated mountain gorilla families and abut 4 others groups which are for research. Compiled below are habituated gorilla groups in Volcanoes national park

The Sabyinyo Gorilla: Is said to be one of the easiest groups to trek since its very close to volcanoes national park and usually takes only an hour before you find the endangered creatures though at times it may be beyond this, depending on their movement. This group consists of 9 family members and therefore the smallest among the ten gorilla family groups of Rwanda. The Sabyinyo family is known for the oldest and biggest silver back, which is so exciting having a glance at this marvelous creature-Guhonda.

Amahoro family: It is the most peaceful family group and with 17 family members, led by Ubumbwe as a group leader has lost many of his members to Charles of the Umubano. But it’s a bit
strenuous accessing this group as here’s a steep mountain climb to their location.

Umubano Family: This was formed from the Amahoro family group and consists of 11 family members that were snatched from Ubumbwe by Charles who was tired of living by some else’s orders and decided to stage a fight that led to the distribution but ever since then, they have lived together as peaceful neighbors just as the name suggests.

Susa group. This is the largest and oldest group of the gorilla family groups of the volcanoes national park. It is the oldest as it existed way back in the time of Dian Fossey who even did a research on the group. It hosts the oldest mountain gorilla – Poppy who was born in 1976. The Susa group was named after the Susa River flowing through their homeland. The Susa family group is also very interesting for visitors for its twins; Impano and Byishim. The group has about 28 family members and it’s somehow difficult to reach the group as they tend to go high in the high altitudes of the volcanoes.

Hirwa group: It is the newest group that was formed in 2006. It’s a luck group like its name – the lucky one, and was formed from the merging of members from two different groups (Group 13 and Sabyinyo) to form one and was later joined by many others and currently hosts 9 gorilla family groups.

Agashya – 13 group: It formerly consisted of 13 members under Nyakarima’ leadership who later lost members to Agashya who staged a wr and snatched all the members. Agashya has since then worked hard to the expansion of her group and currently with 25 family members. Due to fear of being tracked by Nyakarima, Agashya has settled in the highest ranges of the volcanoe and it gets hard tracking this specific group because each time , he suspects an intruder, he takes his group further high especially in the forested areas of Sabyinyo and Mount Gahinga.

Kwitonda group: It is said to be one of the hardest gorilla groups to track as they settle very high in the mountain. It consists of 18 members and is known as the humble one. It has two silver backs and one black back – the old female gorilla. It’s found on Mount Muhabura slopes and originated from Democratic Republic of Congo.

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